Business Transformation

Business Transformation

70% Failure Rate

McKinsey & Company, ranked #1 of the Big 4, claims that seventy percent of transformations fail and contributing factors include insufficiently high aspirations, a lack of engagement within the organization, and insufficient investment in building capabilities across the organization to sustain the change, among others.

30% Success Rate

With a low probability for success, why would leadership and boards take such a risk? Especially knowing that actual transformational change can be messy and costly.

McKinsey & Company. Unlocking success in digital transformations. October 29, 2018. Study of 900 digital transformations: Only 30% are successful. February 23, 2021.

Everyone is clamoring for change.

Transformation must fit your vision, strategy, goals, and shareholder expectations. Today, every CEO needs a playbook and guideposts.

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Workplace Infrastructure

Workplace Infrastructure

Enable innovation and drive revenue-positive improvements by empowering leadership and boards to target and implement operational integrity best practices.

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Success is clear when these key points are optimized…

  • Connecting colleagues to teams, regions, countries, vendors, and clients

  • Educating colleagues on how to transform thinking into doing

  • Providing colleagues with access to day-to-day resources

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Boardroom Excellence

Boardroom Excellence

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) recently recognized Timothy Mueller as NACD Directorship Certified™. The NACD Directorship Certification program, the nation’s premier certification for board directors, provides a tangible assessment of a director’s understanding of the essential knowledge required to lead in today’s boardrooms.

“I am honored to join the distinguished and diverse group of individuals who make up the NACD Directorship Certification community”, Timothy Mueller, LinkedIn.  March 21, 2022.

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